Back and better than ever! Here's a beginner's guide with some tips and tricks to increase traffic and create an awesome blog.

In this post, you’ll find things I’ve learned from other bloggers — in Facebook groups and through my own research — to create the best and perfect lifestyle blog! Read on to get tips and tricks (or skim to find the hack you need most).

Welcome to the new and improved A Liz Lifestyle! I’ll be honest, I just wasn’t happy with the layout, color choices, and pretty much everything else that was my old blog. Plus, I just wasn’t getting the traffic I thought I deserved — does that sound shallow or selfish of me? I didn’t know what to do other than to turn to some of the blogger groups I joined on Facebook.

To be honest (again), I only joined these groups because a website recommended that I do and then I turned the notifications off — if you know me, I hate notifications of any kind! When I realized I just wasn’t happy with my blog’s direction, I went back into these groups to see if there was anything worth noting. To my surprise, these blogger groups give a lot of great tips and strategies to use when it comes to traffic, views, visitors, monetization, and more!

The groups I follow are Boss Girl Bloggers ✨ and Lifestyle Bloggers (Ladies Only), but there are so many more to choose from on Facebook!

I also did my own research on what makes a great blog great, and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.


I know that when I started A Liz Lifestyle, I wanted to write about what I’m interested in. That’s great and all, but not everyone is interested in the same things. Certain topics are trending on search engines and Pinterest while the topics we’re interested in aren’t, so it’s important to stay on track with search trends.

This doesn’t mean you need to write about something you’re completely uninterested in. There are tons of trends to choose from, so choose a trend that you’re passionate about and make your post your own!

For example, springtime teacher outfits is currently trending on Pinterest. Luckily for me, I’m a teacher that just started going back into the classroom for a hybrid learning model — which means I need to dress professionally again. Planning work outfits is hard when you’ve been teaching from home in your pajamas all day for about a year, so I could write a blog post that shares Pinterest inspiration for springtime teacher outfits or I could share my own springtime teacher outfits from clothes I own. I’ve made this topic my own even though it’s not necessarily something I’ve thought about in over a year.


Like I said earlier, I hate notifications, but I also hate being vulnerable and oversharing on social media. Why did I even decide to start a blog? I love to write, that’s why!

Surprisingly, a lot of bloggers recommend sharing on Pinterest and Twitter over any other social media platform. These two platforms increase traffic and views the most through personalized pins and tweets compared to other platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Use whatever social media platform you’d like to share with, but know that a majority of bloggers recommend Pinterest and Twitter the most!


Interaction is key when it comes to driving traffic to your blog!

Someone comments on your post? Respond or like! A user replies to your tweet? Reply back! Another blogger likes your post? Check their blog out! It’s that simple to create a back-and-forth with other people in the blogging and social network communities.

You can also create a community by sharing other blogger’s posts that relate to your content — the keyword here is “sharing” not “copying.”


I won’t deny that I’m still learning about this one and if someone can explain this further (or better) in the comments, please feel free to!

From my understanding, you want to include keywords in your post that match what people are searching the most when it comes to certain topics. I use Google’s Keyword Planner, but there are other programs you can use. What I like about Keyword Planner is you can search specific topics and it will show you what people are searching on Google the most. You can also copy and paste the url of a specific post and Keyword Planner will show you the most searched keywords that relate to your post.

From one blogger to another, I need clarification: Is this what SEO is or am I way off par?

One last note about SEO is that you need to update regularly. Like blogging trends, keyword searches change. You want to make sure you’re including the right keywords in your post so that your content stays relevant as topics and keywords change.


In this day and age, we’re all about instant gratification in a short time frame. The same goes for reading.

For example, if I have 15 minutes to spare while I’m waiting for an appointment and I come across a post with a reading time of 20 minutes, I’m going to skip it and maybe come back to it later. That blogger just lost a viewer now because their post was too long. What’s the chance of me remembering to come back to it? Very low.

On the other hand, let’s say I come across a post with a 5 minute reading time in that same situation. I have just the right amount of time to read and interact with that post, and possibly even read another quick post before my appointment begins.

Key takeaway: Keep your posts concise and stick to the main points when it comes to content.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “Well, this post is long. Liz can’t even follow her own advice!” and you’re right, to an extent.

We’ve all at one time or another come across a long Reddit post that has a “tl;dr” (stands for “too long; didn’t read”) summary after paragraphs and paragraphs of story or information. Do the same with your blog!

Create page jumps or add your own summary boxes so readers can read what they’re most interested in or get the Sparknotes of your content. I have page jumps where you can skip to the tips you’re most interested in (click here to learn how to create page jumps on WordPress), and I’ve also created boxes that either highlight the most important takeaway of each topic or summarizes the topic completely.


Whether it’s a first date or a job interview, we’re always hearing the same thing: “Just be yourself!” It’s old, it’s cliche, but it’s true. Like I had mentioned in Tip 1, write about trends, but make them your own. Give your content personality that is unique to you.

At the end of the day, readers will know when you’re writing just to write or you’re writing about things you’re passionate about! Readers flock to and follow blogs that highlight the blogger’s personality more so than blogs that just write content for the sake of sharing content.

And that’s pretty much everything I’ve learned during my blog renovation! I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed, but I can always share them in another post.

Either way, I hope these help bloggers new and old. Happy blogging!


Share any tips that have helped you and your blog. Let’s all learn from each other!


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9 comments on “NEW BLOG, WHO THIS?

  1. These were great tips that I will be incorporating into my blog routine!

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  3. These are all tips I’ll be incorporating into my blog routine. It’s amazing to know you’re a part of Boss Girl Bloggers ✨. As I’m a part of the group as well and learning so much from them

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  4. Your SEO comments sound about right. It’s a pretty confusing thing anyway as far as I can tell, just really need to make Google and other search engines understand your website layout. Google search console and bing webmaster are useful. Good post and great tips!

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