This post isn't meant for the faint of heart . . . But if you're a paranormal enthusiast, my experience at Hull-House might peak your interest.

In this post, you’ll hear about one of the locations I visited on the Original Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour plus a spooky photo! This post is most definitely not meant for scaredy cats.

In my April 2021 reflection post, I had mentioned how I went on a haunted-places-in-Chicago bus tour. One person commented on it and mentioned how cool the tour sounded which is enough for me to write up a post about it!

I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal all of my life — well, more so frightened as a child, but fear turned into an obsession and scientific inquiry. I grew up in what I would consider a haunted house, I’ve resided in multiple haunted properties, and I live in a very haunted city known for gangster and mob violence . . . But I’m still unsure because I’ve never actually seen a ghost until this tour (maybe).

For the record, I have experienced your good old fashioned poltergeist activity (flickering lights, doors opening on their own, TV or radio turning on by itself), I’ve felt a person sitting on my bed while I was sleeping (which was absolutely terrifying, but so cool at the same time), and I’m pretty sure I’ve been around a demonic presence two or three times (at least I think so). I watch your traditional ghost hunt shows whenever there is a marathon, so I have a pretty good idea of what type of haunts these are, but again, I’m still questioning.

I would love to make my own personal ghost adventures (don’t come for me, Zak Bagans!) into a series if people are interested, but I’ll start by talking about the ghost tour. Click here to get to the poll at the end of the post!

This post is all about Hull-House, an old settlement house on Chicago’s West side founded by Jane Addams. For those of you that are unfamiliar, a settlement house is almost like a halfway house, but Hull-House in particular served immigrants as the neighborhood it resides in was an immigrant hub in the late 1800s. How could a house that was meant to do so much good be one of the most haunted locations in Chicago? Have I got the story for you!

Hull-House today in the middle of the University of Illinois-Chicago campus. Source: Britannica

Click here if you don’t care about the history or my experience (I won’t judge) and you’re just here for the spooky photo.

Addams wrote down her experiences operating Hull-House, but also some of the paranormal experiences she had in the house. One thing she barely wrote about was the legend of the time the devil baby (yes, the spawn of Satan himself) resided at Hull-House.

Ever heard of or seen the movie Rosemary’s Baby? Well, here’s your fun fact of the day: The movie was based off of this legend!

The legend goes that one night, a baby was left of the steps of Hull-House. Addams opened the door to a crying baby that had red skin, horns, and hooves. She immediately brought the crying baby in because although it looked like a stereotypical demon, she still didn’t believe the baby should be left outside in the cold.

Word spread in the neighborhood like wildfire and people would come to Hull-House at all hours of the day and night demanding to see the devil baby. Addams never showed the baby and eventually the demand died down, but the story was still passed on.

As I mentioned, Addams never confirmed whether the devil baby resided at Hull-House; she only confirmed that people in the neighborhood would bang on her door day and night to see the baby. That’s all she’s ever said or written about it, but it makes me wonder: Why is this location so haunted if this story is only a legend?

We need to remember that at the time, Hull-House and the surrounding neighborhood was occupied mostly by immigrants who brought their legends and myths from their homeland with them across the Atlantic Ocean. Addams briefly touched on the legend in one of her accounts, but never confirmed if it was true which still leaves a lot of residents guessing and divided. I’m not saying the legend is untrue, but you have to question the validity of the legend AND the validity of Addams’ account (maybe she’s the one covering up the entire thing!).

Reports claim that the curtains upstairs move or shift and the lights on the main floor flicker all on their own. There are pictures that show spirits walking up and down the stairs, and a fountain that is no longer on the property that seems to be camera shy — it appears in some photos, but is missing from others all on the same roll of film or from different cameras on the same tour because it is speculated that the fountain is some type of portal. Not to mention, people feel nauseous (sometimes to the point where they’re getting physically sick) just by stepping on the property.

I had been to Hull-House before, but this is my first time actually capturing anything. I won’t lie, I was nervous going back to Hull-House because the first time I went, I had felt sick and felt like I was being watched. What would happen this time? I was also feeling defeated at this point because I was taking pictures all night at every stop and I hadn’t gotten any spooky ones. Hull-House was our last stop, so I had to get a good spooky picture! Lucky for me, after reviewing my photos (like I’d imagine Zak Bagans does after one of his adventures) I found something interesting and I need you to be a judge of what it is.

Here’s the picture. See if you can find what I noticed.

Did your heart also drop like mine did when I first saw the poster of Jane Addams on the right? Glad I’m not alone! But also, that’s not the spooky specter I saw.

Take a look again, and focus on the windows this time.

Still can’t find it? I’ll help you out, here it is super zoomed in.

Does it not look like two faces staring at us out of the window?! I like to think that they were gossiping about us — “Ugh, look at these bumbling idiots acting like they’re trying to find us with their cameras and their EMF meters!”

I’ve tried debunking this because I can’t believe my luck, but I’m also not sure what it is. What do you all think?

Like I said, I have many more experiences that I could share if you are interested in hearing them. The paranormal community is small, but I know there are a lot of people that are interested in ghost stories and spooky haunts. Let me know what you think!


Tell me what you think. Did I get a picture of ghosts or can this somehow be debunked? I’ve tried debunking this and I can’t, but maybe I’m missing something . . . ? I still can’t believe my luck!


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  1. It does look like two ghost faces in the zoomed in pic😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?! I still can’t believe it which is why I need a second opinion lol. I never expected to get something like this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Did you go to check what it was when you went in? Or you were too scared

        Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t notice it until a couple of days later when I was bored at work and thought I’d look 😂

        Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside because the museum was closed, so this and my memory of the location is all I have. I was trying to look for clues in the picture and the other pictures I have of the same area to see if I could debunk it, and I couldn’t find anything.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Now you’ll never know. Perhaps they really were ghosts😁


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