Dear Blog #2

Dear Blog,

This week, I realized just how scary of a place this world is turning into.

For example, we had our first COVID outbreak in school and had to send a bunch of students home to quarantine. Even though some of us are vaccinated and the school is providing weekly COVID tests, that really proved to me that this pandemic is far from over. When will it end? Illinois is mandating that all teachers be vaccinated by September 5th, but will that really make things better? It’s a double edged sword — although the intent is to make schools safer for students that can’t get vaccinated yet, this mandate could negatively affect children in other ways like uncontrollable class sizes and lack of staff and resources should some choose to not comply with the mandate. Personally, I’ve been vaccinated since April and I encourage everyone to get vaccinated, but if you don’t want to or can’t, I respect your decision.

Then, I keep seeing Texas in the news in regards to their new anti-abortion laws. I thought we were going backwards in regards to COVID, not backwards in time! As a woman, what laws are being passed in Texas scares me because who’s to say other states don’t agree? Plus, why is an institution made up predominantly of white men making decisions for the collective of females that can give birth? At this point, I feel angry at Texas and angry for women in Texas who feel stuck, hopeless, and like their choice doesn’t matter. All I have to say to the politicians in Texas now is this: If you’re pro-life then you have to be pro-education and pro-child welfare. Fund schools, teachers, and DCFS just as much as you defund abortion clinics because, in my opinion, you cannot be pro-life and anti-education and anti-child welfare… Otherwise you’re just pro-birth and don’t really care about children once they’re born. *drop mic*

Normally, I don’t like pushing my own political opinions and agenda on such a public platform, but I’ve just felt so many different emotions this week that I needed an outlet to just word vomit it all up. Hoping that next week will be calmer and will provide more clarity.

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