Hello! My name is Liz and I’m a Chicago-based high school teacher, cat mom, and fantasy bookworm.

I started A Liz Lifestyle when inspiration struck on my 30th birthday and I thought I should put my writing skills to good use!

I thought I could share some of my life experiences with anybody interested in reading in order to educate and entertain.

I felt like blogging was the best platform for me to achieve this, and as a way to connect with people around the world.

Plus, I feel like I have a lot to share as well as a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to pass on.

I opened this domain and started this blog, technically, in February 2021, but A Liz Lifestyle has gone through many facelifts and niche tests.

This space has gone from an overcrowded lifestyle blog to a review blog to a book reviews ONLY blog back to a lifestyle blog — let’s hope this sticks and is less cluttered!

Writing is one of my passions and was my focus in undergrad until I decided that teaching and education was the career path I was meant to take.

As much as I love teaching kids how to read, write, and communicate, I missed writing for myself and others.

I’m ready to rediscover that passion and drive, and to catch up on all those years lost because I didn’t take time to write.

I designed A Liz Lifestyle in order to share my opinions and life experiences with others, and to help new adults, especially recent college graduates, tackle life in the real world.

I can’t wait to share all of my wisdom and knowledge, as well as some tips and tricks, with you all and I hope you stick around for the journey! You can also check out my personal anecdotes in my Dear Blog series.